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Plántula Viva


Stone garden Design

Av. Ponce de León, San Juan, PR.

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Elements that enhance your garden

To enhance the entrance of your home or business,a beautiful garden. A fresh and colorful vegetation, harmonious designs, pots in combination with the decoration of your home, small trees in pots, palm trees surrounded by flowering bushes,they brighten the view,recreate the environment and bringing us harmony, serenity, and peace. 

Modern landscaping, technology, and a hectic lifestyle!

Give life to your new garden. Bring your new garden to life, with realistic 3D designs and worry-free installation. At the time of the quote, we will take into account your budget. The surface materials and the selection of ornamental plants and grass are selected by the applicant.

Plántula Viva gives you ideal design alternatives for green spaces. Using natural elements balancing our body and mind so important in our modern life.

Plántula Viva

Home design service:

Innovative ideas, for small green spaces indoor, outdoor and swimming pool.

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Plántula Viva

Art design:

Your idea becomes reality.

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Plántula Viva

Art and Design:

Using the elements of nature. To achieve the desired balance.

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